A Little Chat by A Little Life - Emma Jade Photographer - Brisbane Wedding, Brand and Baby Photographer
Some people just know how to build a great brand. Consistent messaging. Design. Colours. Vibe. Spirit. It doesn't come easily to most of us but for some people, the direction is clear. 
Brisbane photographer Emma Jade is one of those people. From the very beginning, her business has had a clear and unique energy to it. As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe, and she now finds herself booking the exact kinds of clients that she wants to photograph. The dream huh!
Of course, it's taken a whole lot of work, years of consistency and a never give up approach - all while taking care of two young boys and travelling regularly interstate to be with family and friends.

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 Here's a few of the takeaways and topics from our little chat with Emma.

- Make brand choices that speak to you from the beginning.
- How to narrow your choices
- Don't just follow the fashions. Be honest with yourself.
- Your vibe attracts your tribe.
- Don't post everything you shoot if it doesn't suit your brand
- Run some model calls and shoot content that you want to attract.
- Get busy with Instagram stories!
- Share yourself - the balance
- Where to find great re-share content.
- How and when to post your stories
- Why it's so important to share YOU!
- Is Facebook over?
- What to do when you don't have a passion or clear brand. Can you fake it til you make it?

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