Content Ideas : How to create and share your Instagram Top 9 posts of the year


Have you generated your Top 9 Instagram posts of the year and shared it with your audience yet? It's the first week of the year and now is the time to get on it!
So what's the point I hear you say?


Well first up, it's EASY content for you. Click a few buttons and voila. You've got a perfect little square graphic ready to post. There is nothing better than a click and collect graphic that you can share to your socials without doing much work.


Melanie Kellermann Photography, Wollongong


Posting #tbt and client images from the past is a great marketing tool! Throw in a tag and a "Oh wow, has it been a year already?!" kind of comment and you'll have your old clients jumping on the nostalgia train with you. We all know that old clients are your best next clients, so why not remind them that you exist and how amazing their last experience with you was!


So why exactly did these posts perform SO well? It's time to do some research. Was it the style of image? Or what you said? Your hashtags? Did you encourage your clients to interact with your post with a call to action? Did you tell a story? Whatever the reason, make a note of it and this year, do it again! And again! And again! But not every day. You get the idea. These posts are winners and there's a very good reason for that. Work it out!
Family Photography by Natarsha March, North Brisbane


It's something fun to do hey! You work so hard on your social media all year. Celebrate your successes and see what has worked well for you.


It's pretty easy! There are lots of sites like or (Creator Kit seems to work a lot faster!) that generate the graphic for you for free. Most don't need an account and don't cost a cent so search around to find one that works without the strings attached.
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