Content Ideas : Top 2020 Baby Names Released
If you work in any kind of baby industry, it's the perfect time of year to announce the Top 10 / 50 / 100 (or whatever you like) baby names from last year! Reading this blog post in July? Well, it's not too late I guess. It's always a great, easy, content post that new or expectant mums LOVE!
Jump onto your local government department website and search for Top 2020 Baby Names and grab that data! Do up a pretty post and share, share SHARE!
But what's the best way to share this info with your people to get the most engagement? Here's a few ideas for you ...


Yes ... redirecting people to your website is always a great idea. So jump onto your website, throw together a post with 300+ words (if you can) and share that! So the number 1 boys name was Oliver ... did you have a client called Oliver last year? I bet you did! Pop his photo in the post of course. When you're sharing your blog post (via email or your socials), use a vague, click baity title like "Did your baby make the top 10? Click here to view the most popular names of 2020" or something that gets them clicking!


All over your socials. But word it right. It's a fantastic tagging opportunity. Try something like "Check out the top 10 baby names of 2020! Did anyone you know choose a popular baby name last year? Their mum clearly has excellent taste! Tag them and let them know." Anything you can think of to get people tagging their friends in their posts that will get your engagement moving AND redirect some new followers (with kids!) to your page!
Want a free graphic to use? Just visit our Facebook group to download one of these freebies. Use it in your marketing and let me know how you go! Kate x



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