Have you ever looked up your Instagram engagement %?
Hey guys! Just a quick blog today about ENGAGEMENT. Likes are so 2019 so they say (Remember when Instagram removed the likes count from our posts? I barely even remember that now). If you want to grow your Instagram account faster in 2021, it's all about engagement.

So what does that even mean?

Calm your farm mum. No, not that kind of engaged.
Well the buzz on the gram these days is comments, shares and saves. Are you creating content that encourages people to interact, join the conversation, share it with their friends or save it for later? Yeah yeah, it's that value conversation again. You can read a bit about that here.

But what even IS an engagement rate? And where can you find it?

Well, I could dive into the maths behind it but you know me, I'm all about doing things easily and efficiently so we don't drown in our busy businesses. 
So here's a quick link for you:


Simply type in your account handle and click go. Thank you internet. Just note, you only get a few free searches per day before you have to pay!

Why not keep an eye on your engagement this year?

Check in every 3 months and see what's happening. Write it down, try new strategies and see what the result is.
The word on the street is that an engagement rate of between 1 and 5% for most industries is pretty solid. If you're not quite hitting that yet, it might be time to try a few new strategies!

Just remember

The bigger your audience gets, the harder it is to maintain a strong engagement percentage. It's a numbers game!
The more you get your customers talking and participating this year, the more popular Instagram thinks you are and the more you're going to pop up in people's feeds. It's as simple as that. Haha. Simple. What a joke. Well, doing it isn't simple but the concept is. I've started a new Instagram account this year and boy do I have some work to do!

Don't get bogged down by these numbers though guys.

Every industry is different too! If you're selling $5 lipgloss VS booking $2000 photo shoots, you're going to have very different engagement needs and strategies. 
Just do a little happy dance every time that someone interacts with your page. Because when they do, you are back in their newsfeeds for longer. The social platforms see it and love it. One step at a time! 
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