Hey photographers ... why should someone follow you on social media?

I look at the social media accounts of lots and lots of photographers. I've even been a photographer. I know what your Instagram account looks like. Baby photo. Family photo. Another baby photo. Maternity photo. Oh, hello, it's another baby photo.

You are a GREAT photographer. Your photos are probably lovely. And yes, there are definitely people out there who just love looking at photos of babies all day. And they are probably following your account just because of that. But those people, they are most likely NOT your future clients.

So, let's think about the most important people. The potential paying ones.

They click LIKE on your Facebook page and FOLLOW you on Instagram. They're curious. They saw a photo of yours somewhere and they liked it. They're thinking about booking a shoot with you. So ... it's time to woo them. Let's dance, potential client. I'll show you what I've got.

I've got baby photos, and baby photos, and family photos and photos and photos and photos and more photos. Ta dah! Impressed? Hmmmmm ....


I hate to break it to you folks, but the only people who reaaaaaallly care about the photo of the cute baby you posted today is you, his Mum and Great Grandma Betty in England!

Unfortunately, if all you are doing is posting photos on your social media accounts these days, odds are that it won't be long before you are going to fall out of the news feeds of your potential clients. Because unless these people are actually ENGAGING with your page, Mr Zuckerberg's algorithm thinks they don't like you any more and next minute, you're a distant memory.


Yes of course they want to see your photos. But it's just not enough these days guys, sorry! You need to get those potential clients liking your photos, commenting on your posts and sharing their own images with you.

Need some inspo? That's where we come in!

Our CONTENT SETS have been designed to help your clients interact with your page. Conversation starters. Calls to action. Shout outs and more!

Engagement. Interaction. Likes. Comments. Reviews. Shares.

This is what you need to be asking for. If you don't ask, you won't receive. So let's get started! Check out some of our content sets here or request a custom quote to design something to suit your business.

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