How to install your .atn action files in Photoshop

There are a few different ways to install Photoshop Actions onto your computer. Take a look at the options below and follow the steps. You might need to try a few different approaches depending on what version of Photoshop you are using or how you have your computer setup.

Option 1

1. Download your .atn action from A Little Life and save it to your desktop or somewhere easy to find.

2. Just double click on your file and the action should automatically be loaded into your Photoshop actions palette.

Option 2

If the first option didn't work for you, you might need to try this different approach instead.

  1. When you have Photoshop opened, click on the Actions palette menu button. You can find this in the top right hand corner of your palette - it looks like 4 little horizontal lines.
  2. Almost to the bottom you'll find an option that said Load Actions.
  3. Select your .atn file and it should be added to your Actions list.
  4. You'll need to do this one at a time to add each .atn action file.

PS - Are you using button mode? It really makes working with actions so much easier! When you are in the Actions palette menu, tick the first option that says Button Mode and see what happens to your actions list! You'll find them colour coded and workable using a one click method (instead of having to press the play button each time). Winning! If you don't like them that way though, just go back into your menu and untick the Button Mode menu so you'll return to their original display option.

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