Your Instagram account looks perfect ... but you're doing it all WRONG!

I LOVE a good looking Instagram account. You know the ones. Perfect patterns with an amazing flow of images, words and colours. A quick scroll through an account like this gives us a little hit of oooooh and aaaah and immediately makes us love the brand. For. Sure.

But let's get real folks.

99% of these stunning Insta accounts are not made by Lady Startups who are juggling a toddler on their knee while they reconcile their Xero account with one hand, run Photoshop actions with the other and chat to Grandma on Zoom on their smart phone.

Most of the time, these accounts are put together by paid marketing employees and social media managers who get decent dollars to build the online brand of their company.

I don't know about you guys, but I don't have one of those on my team. In fact, my business ... it's just ... ME! And every minute I'm working on my social media is a minute I'm not creating products or working for my clients. You know, the money making stuff!

There is a huge difference between having an Instagram account that looks NICE and one that is PERFECT. If you're aiming for perfection, stop, just stop! You don't need that kind of pressure in your life!.

Stop posting in 3's

Stop making every 2nd square yellow

Stop trying to be super arty

It's HARD WORK! And honestly ... it's just not worth it.

Be like Tarsh! Pick a colour scheme and stick to it but don’t panic if it’s not lined up perfectly every day. It still looks great hey!

What worries me about patterns and strict designs is how restrictive that is. Your social media needs to be reactive and flexible. As a professional photographer or small business owner, you need to have consistent content popping up on your page but also need to be able to insert 3 client sneak peeks one week, information about your new sale the next and a behind the scenes snap from yesterday's epic sunset. If you're worrying about posting in 3's or making every second square pink, you're slowing yourself down. Or maybe not posting the important stuff at all.

Our goal here at A Little Life is to help make your social scheduling easy ... easy on the eye and easy to post!

Yes, choose a colour palette for your account and stick to it.

Yes, insert graphics other than photos into your account.

Sure, if you LOVE spending time on your social media, do it. But if you'd rather get it done and get on with things, keep it simple!

Style your socials in a way that is flexible and won't stress you out! Trust me, it will still look great and won't send you crazy in the meantime.

The vibe of your Instagram account is just a small part of what we help with here at A Little Life. We haven't even started talking about WHAT you're posting and WHY - which honestly, is wayyyy more important! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post about motivations and messages. 

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